UNIQUE Point of Entry Firestop Sleeve System —for firestopping cables and weatherproofing cable feeds entering
from outside a building and/or through a firewall. Order optional Roof Mount Rubber Boot on this page also.
UNIQUE’s Point of Entry Firestop Sleeve System (POE) is designed to firestop cables and weatherproof cable feeds
from satellites, cameras, pole lines or any other outside-fed communications cables. The can be used as a point-ofentry either through an outside wall or through a rooftop penetration.

Point of Entry Firestop Sleeves are available in 1ʺ, 2ʺ, and 4ʺ diameters. Most point-of-entry penetrations will
require a sleeve at least 24 inches long so we stock all three diameter sizes (1ʺ, 2ʺ, and 4ʺ) in 24“ lengths.
Components are manufactured of Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) and powder coated red in our USA factory.
When installing the Point of Entry Firestop Sleeve System on a rooftop, you may also want to order the optional
Roof Mount Rubber Boot, which is staggered to seal and weatherproof all 3 diameter sizes of the Point of Entry
Firestop Sleeves.