UNIQUE Membrane Firestop “angled design”, allows for a BUNDLE of cables to be dropped inside the Firewall
Membrane. (one side) UL Classified for up to 2 hours. This is the ONLY mechanical multi cable system out there for
doing this while maintaining proper bend radius specs. Made in the USA.
If the cable outlet is required to be installed inside of the firewall or smoke wall, our Membrane Firestop Cable
Sleeve will do the job. This UNIQUE product is an angled firestop cable sleeve that cuts its own hole and installs in

2 minutes, allowing for a UL Classified path to fish cables inside a firewall. The System creates its own hole with
the sharp point on the back side of the sleeve. A bead of caulk (not included) is applied to the back of the system
and the sleeve is secured to the wall with expanding anchors. Intumescent putty for sealing this firestopping
system is included. UL listed for fire-rated gypsum board/stud walls.
Available in 1 and 2 inch diameters.