TK Access Control Offerings

1. 2D Facial Detection/Recognition uses a 2D camera on-board on the edge controller. 2. 3D Live Face Detection employs a 3D camera connected to a separate system due to the higher data processing requirement today (depth sensing). However, within the product roadmap,...

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KoolDC – Green DC Solution To Lower PUE and TCO

ERS’ KoolDC solution addresses the future need to remove raised floor and CRAC as primary cooling dependency. With KoolDC, it is possible for data centre operators to achieve better Total Cost of Ownership. KoolDC is built up with large deployment of KoolContainments....

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KoolLogix – Heat Removal Module (HRM)

KoolLogix is a refrigerant-based heat removal module. It is designed to be highly efficient and low-powered, with auto-adaptability to manage variable heat load as required. When heated exhaust frim racked equipment is thrust towards the back of the rack, it passes...

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